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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Local; personal"

"Customer service"

"It's a local business, so it's supporting people in our own community."

"Local people who care"

"Very friendly and helpful"

"Close to where we live"

"Close to home"

"Locally owned"


"Local and friendly!"

"It's local, convenient, and has lots of options to purchase other items."

"Local people; personal service"


"All of the above, plus close to home"

"Friendly local people"

"Close to home"

"Small, so you know your customers."

"Local people!"

"That it is local."

"They know you by name."

"Convenience, and the caring people"


"It is local."

"The convenience, cleanliness, and willingness to help people out."

"Willing to go the extra mile; friendly"

"Everyone is friendly and helpful."


"Personal touch"

"Friendly service"

"ALWAYS very helpful, and able to answer any questions. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the loyalty program and don't know where I would be without it!!"

"The staff are wonderful - friendly, competent, efficient, responsive, and interested in my health. It is very personal service. I love this store!"

"Fast and close to home"

"Very pleasant and close at hand"

"Friendly, professional, and efficient"

"The pharmacist and staff are extremely helpful and efficient. Excellent customer service!"

"It is more personal then most pharmacies. They know you by name. It is more like a small 'ma and pa' shop, which I love so much!"

"The staff"

"Very close to home"

"Close to home"

"I love the staff, and the service is wonderful."

"People are very friendly and always willing to answer any questions I may have. I like the app."

"Familiar friendly faces"

"The pharmacy staff is excellent."

"Staff is prefect!!!"

"The customer service is excellent."

"The people that work there"

"Friendly & helpful"

"The friendly employees make me feel welcome each time I am there."